Tagaytay Trip

Tagaytay is one of my favorite places. That is why, I was very happy when I had the chance to visit the place again last Friday, January 15 to look for a retreat house – our community is planning to go for a retreat on February 22 – March 3. We unanimously voted for Tagaytay as a venue for a retreat, knowing its nice weather and beautiful sceneries which are conducive for prayer and spiritual discernment, but choosing a venue for it is another story.

After many days of browsing our Catholic Directory and the internet for a retreat house in Tagaytay, we ended up having three choices – 1. Franciscan Missionaries of Mary’s Landas Buhay Retreat House; 2. La Consolacion Sisters’ Tahanan Santa Monica; and 3. Carmelite Missionaries’ Center of Spirituality. Our trip to Tagaytay aims to help us come up with our final choice.

Last Friday, Rodel and I left Antipolo at 5am to catch the 6am bus trip to Tagaytay. We arrived on time at the bus station (San Agustin Bus) but the bus left at around 30 minutes past 6. Traffic going to Tagaytay that day was not heavy so I enjoyed the trip, there was a tv/dvd on-board and they played the movie Avatar.  We reached Tagaytay at 8:45pm then immediately looked for a place to eat breakfast. We ate at Chowking and ordered one of their Almuchows, King’s Special – surprisingly, we liked it and I am recommending it the next time you are having a craving for fast-food breakfast. After eating our breakfast, we went to our first stop – FMM’s Landas Buhay retreat house which is very accessible, few walk away from the rotonda.

FMM Landas Buhay Retreat House:


Meditation Garden

Sisters' Cemetery - part of the meditation garden

yes, it is overlooking Taal lake and volcano

FMM’s retreat house rate: Php 650.00 per head/day, single room, common toilet and bath, inclusive of 3 meals and 2 snacks.

After seeing FMM’s retreat house, we headed to La Consolacion Sisters’ Tahanan Santa Monica. It took us more or less 10 minutes to go there through a tricycle, we paid 40 pesos for our fare.

La Consolacion Sisters’ Tahanan Santa Monica:

Welcome to Tahanan Santa Monica


Sister Noeme showing us their newly-renovated dorm

La Consolacion’s retreat house offers single room with private toilet and bath, 3 meals and 2 snacks at 700 pesos per head/day. Sister Noeme told us that we can even request for any food we like to eat during the retreat since she’s the one in-charge of the kitchen and she was my classmate in Sojourn way back in 2000.

After saying goodbye to the La Consolacion sisters, we proceeded to the Carmelite Missionaries’ Center of Spirituality located in Kabangaan Road. We thought that it is near Tahanan Santa Monica so we decided to walk – which took us almost an hour to reach our destination, it was really a long walk!

The gate of the Carmelites’ retreat house, the building’s edifice, and its very efficient guard who did not let us in without first calling the sisters of our intention to inquire from them about their services were quite intimidating but once inside, we received a nice welcome from them. In fact, they invited us for lunch maybe because they noticed that we looked so tired from walking under the heat of noon time sun, but anyway, my heartfelt gratitude to the Carmelite Missionary Sisters who welcomed us and brought us to their dining hall:) especially the sister who knew our congregation in Africa very well.

Carmelite Missionary Center of Spirituality:

Hotel-like accomodation

Well-kept grounds

Conference Room

Carmelite missionaries’ retreat house’s rate is 900 pesos per person/day,  inclusive of 3 meals and 2 snacks, single room and private toilet and bath.

After our visit to the Carmelite Missionaries, we went to Our Lady of Lourdes parish and tried to look for the retreat house managed by the Capuchin Friars but sad to say, we were not able to find it. Anyway, we felt that we  already accomplished our mission so we decided to eat our snacks at Mushroom Burger – to make our trip memorable…duh!:)

Yesterday, I presented the results of our “ocular inspection” to our community and after my report, we, as a community decided to have our retreat at…

FMM’s Landas Buhay Retreat House:)

23 thoughts on “Tagaytay Trip

  1. Joana delos Santos says:

    Good morning. Thank you for posting this…very helpful. I am actually planning to go on retreat (alone) this coming Maundy Thursday to Good Friday. If its okay to ask you, which of the three retreat houses would you recommend for someone going solo? I will be travelling on public transportation so accessibility is one factor I must consider.

    Thank you and I hope to hear from you soonest. God bless you.

    • Hello Joana!
      I would recommend FMM’s retreat house because of its accessibility – it’s a short walk from the rotonda. They also have a nice meditation garden at the back of the retreat house. You may also stay in one of their hermitages if you wish to really commune with the Lord and nature (you’ll get a view of the volcano too!) :)
      I wish you all the best in your retreat.
      God bless you.

  2. Joana delos Santos says:

    Thank you very much for your prompt response! Im actually already searching the net for FMM’s contact number. However, I cant find one (the one posted in the net was out of reach). Would you know their contact number(s)? Sorry ha, kinda desperate to call them as I only have less than 24 hours to reserve a room.

  3. Joana delos Santos says:

    Hi again:) I was able to contact them na, but FMM is under renovation daw, they will be open probably next year.

    Thanks for your help anyway…gave me great ideas:) God bless.

  4. Joana delos Santos says:

    I tried Maryridge last week, the girl I spoke with said that the facility is close for the Holy week.

    I was referred this morning to Betania Retreat House, they have available room for one person, pero for solitude retreat lang. The Directress is no longer available to give advice or personal consultation.

    I want the solitude retreat actually, but it will be better if there will be someone I could talk to if ever:)

  5. Kim says:

    Hi! Would any of you happen to know the contact details of La Consolacion Sisters’ Tahanan Santa Monica? Thanks so much! I’ll appreciate it:)

  6. Mal says:

    Blessed day!
    Hi! Do you still have other photos showing the facilities and vicinity of Landas Buhay?
    It would be really helpful right now. Thanks so much!

    Is the place big?

    • Hello Mal! Yes I still have some photos taken from Landas Buhay. I find their meditation ground very conducive for retreats. But I heard they renovated the retreat house recently so there might have been some changes in their facilities. I think their place can accommodate a group of 50 (session hall and dorm).

  7. Pao says:


    do you have the email address or cp number of FMM Landas Buhay?
    do they offer individual retreats/spiritual talks and alike?


    • Hello Pao!

      I lost the cp number of FMM Landas Buhay retreat house.
      However, you may try calling these landline numbers. These are the contact details of the FMM sisters in Tagaytay who own the retreat house. I think if you wish to have an individual retreat, that can be arranged with them.

      God bless you!

      FMM Sisters Tagaytay



  8. keira says:

    Good day po! Just wondering if the La Consolacion sisters conduct individual retreats? And do you happen to know their contact number? thank you po!

  9. Manny Santos says:

    Good day sir! May i request for the cellphone number of your contact in FMM landas ng Buhay for a possible venue for our grade 10 students. Thank you very much!

    • Hello Manny! I was informed that after the renovation, the FMM sisters have already changed the name of Landas Buhay Retreat House to San Damiano Spirituality Center. For inquiries, please contact Sister Lezel at 09061826603 or 09358505115.

      God bless you!

  10. vicenta abelgas says:

    How do we go to the FMM Sisters’ Landas Buhay Retreat House & the La Consolacion Sisters’ Tahanan Sta Monica. Can we have a vicinity map? Thanks


    • Hello Vi! FMM’s retreat house is very close to Tagaytay Rotonda. The retreat house is located at the right side of the road leading to Palace in the Sky. Your landmark will be the church of the sister’s convent which is quite visible even from the Rotonda. On the other hand Tahanan Sta. Monica can be reached through the same road (leading to Palace in the Sky). The small road leading to the retreat house is at your left side – if going towards the Palace. Just look for their signage. Hope this helps.

  11. vicenta abelgas says:

    I’m interested in the FMM Sisters’s Landas Buhay Retreat House. Can we have a vicinity map? And so with La Consolacion Sisters’ Tahanan. Sta. Monica? Thank you very much.

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